Topsee Tulip Frosting

It's available in vanilla or chocolate flavors and can do so much more than just top cupcakes.
Use it to create super simple and fun dips for fruit and pretzels, filling for apple turnovers and strawberry breakfast pastries, topping for cheesecakes, maple cakes, and peanut butter pies. You can even break out the Topsee Tulip and introduce your friends to Tiramisu Mousse, made with coffee, cocoa powder, and semi-sweet baking chocolate. Serve in tall cocktail glasses for an impressive after-dinner treat.
Topsee Tulip will be swinging through our Dallas-area stores over the next few days with samples and ideas for all! You’ll have a chance to meet the creator of this delightful frosting, Kristen Spetrino, who, if you are a frosting-knife-licker is truly a kindred spirit. Growing up she would share coconut cake from Harriett’s in Key Largo with her mom. And by “share” I mean she’d eat the frosting off the top and give the cake to her mom. So, it’s no surprise that Kristen went on to create an incredible, creamy frosting you can use for breakfast, lunch, dinner (life is so uncertain, after all), and, of course, a truckload of desserts.
Here’s the schedule for when the Topsee Tulip Frosting train pulls into Dallas:
2-24 Southlake 10 am – 7 pm
2-25 Dallas Preston Royal
2-26 Plano 10 am – 7 pm
2-27 Dallas Lovers 10 am – 7 pm
See you there! (We'll be the ones hovering around the demo table with spoons in our hands.) 

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