Honeymoon Ice Cream

“If you're going to do a thing, do it well,” says Mr. Honeymoon. That’s why Honeymoon Ice Cream uses fresh, local, organic, seasonal ingredients from people they know.
And to really take their craft and quality to another dimension, they make all the jams, oats, biscuits, candied nuts, caramels, and toffees you find in every pint! Everything. It’s all made from scratch by the Honeymoon folks.
The milk used to make this extra creamy ice cream is from a herd of Jersey cows who live in Tomales, California, on beautiful green hills near the Pacific Ocean.
Honeymoon Ice Cream is easy to spot in our freezers because of the unique packaging. It is packed in glass jars by Honeymoon because they “want you to have something useful and reuseable.” It’s pretty, reuseable and home to an extraordinary ice cream — this is one very special jar!
Look for these special jars filled with seriously special ice cream to be on sale through 2/28 and get ready for one of the country’s best ice cream experiences! 

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