Dinner Could Not Be Easier

First, score your Foodie Freebie:

Buy: Central Market Organic Salad
Get Free: Cardini's Salad Dressing (Garlic Lemon Caesar is a good choice.)

Then head to Chef Prepared we're you'll find our meal deal. Pick out your favorite flavor of Fire-Roasted Rotisserie Chicken, grab the one pound container of hot Macaroni & Cheese, and you just cooked dinner.

If you want to cook dessert, too, zip through the bakery and look for our Parfaits. They're big enough to share and 10% off.   

And that's all there is to it. Just like that you put quality food on the table with zero hassle. So when you finally get to sit down and take a breath, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Perhaps while drinking a glass of one of our French wines, which just so happen to be on sale now, too. 

You've got this dinner thing covered. 

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