Hake, the Other White Fish

But that’s not the case in other parts of the world. At the Rock Hotel in Gibraltar, diners can select seared hake with lemon crushed potatoes and leek and black olive velouté. On the Isle of Guernsey, hake gets star treatment at the Vazon Bay Hotel, where the menu features fillet of fresh hake dusted with flour, sprinkled with paprika and black pepper, grilled, garnished with Norwegian prawns and capers and finished with fresh Guernsey herbs.

At Central Market, we’re on a mission to show you what high-quality hake can really taste like and why this light white fish should be on your dinner plate. You can treat high-quality hake as you would good flounder or sole. It’s pretty versatile, but because it’s a lean, delicate fish, stick with safe cooking techniques like sautéing, steaming or poaching. Hake takes complex sauces well, and it’s great paired with shellfish like coldwater shrimp or mussels.